Antique Marples Hibernia block plane


Antique Marples Hibernia block plane. Single shamrock iron logo dates the plane at before 1875. A rare piece of history for collectors only

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This tatty looking little plane is an antique Marples Hibernia plane.  It has just a single Shamrock for it’s logo on the iron which apparently wasn’t used after 1875.  That means this little plane is probably around 150 years old.  Now you can understand it being a bit tatty.  I would not recommend this plane is used in this condition, it’s more of a collector’s display item.  There are two breaks to the sole near the mouth and uneven wear to the rear of the sole (possible another crack).  I’ve been researching this plane and have been unable to find another like it, but I have found other Marples planes with similar designed levercaps.  An amazing little piece of woodworking history.  Might be your only chance to own one

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