17″ Infill plane with Ward & Payne parallel iron.


17″ Infill plane with Ward & Payne parallel iron.

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Old 17″ Infill plane with great Ward & Payne parallel iron. We show this plane’s restoration in the Infill Restoration article which can be found via the following link – Click here.

This plane goes from a rusty and sad looking old tool to one that can take lovely fine shavings. We couldn’t find a maker’s name on the ornate plane. The previous owner believed it to be a Marples plane, but we could find nothing to support this (either in history or on the plane).

The front knob is of a different wood (suspected rosewood) from the infill (which is suspected to be walnut).  The knob may have been borrowed from a small Stanley as the typical recess in the top of bench plane knob has been filled with yet another wood. The rear handle has a small chunk missing out of the horn. The body has what looks like a lead solder repair to a small fingernail section missing from the rear left-hand side of the ornate body.

A cracking plane revived for another few years’ work. Not sure this plane was worth the time we put into it, but we got the article from it, so it wasn’t a complete loss. We haven’t included many pictures here as there are many more in the article and even a video of the working plane.

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