We not only sell tools we also buy vintage tools.

You have tools to sell

If you have tools to sell then send us a message and we’ll work out what you have and what we can pay. Please bare in mind that we are in the business of tool selling so we do need to make a profit on what we buy.

Types of tools we buy

We buy all sorts of tools, but mainly vintage woodworking tools. We do consider vintage engineering tools and machinery too, but we don’t focus on these. For machinery it needs to be local to the Central Coast NSW or easily transported via postal or freight services so please bear this in mind.

Our preferred woodworking tools are vintage and typically have wooden handles, but there are some exceptions. Some vintage tools come with metal handles such as planes, saws, drills, etc and we definitely have an interest in these. And some planes such as those by Stanley and Turner come with plastic handles and we also have an interest in these. We love brands like Stanley, Record, Sargent, Norris, Mathieson, Marples, Preston, Turner, Falcon, Carter, Sorby, Berg, Toledo, Ulmia, Disston, Dawn, to name but a few.

When it comes to engineering tools we love brands like Starrett, Mitutoyo, Stanley, Sidchrome, Lufkin, Moore & Wright, Union, Goodell Pratt, Browne & Sharpe and a few more.


We don’t need any information about the tools, we rely on what we know about the tools and the market. However, the more information you can give the better our offers are likely to be. Where there are unknowns it can all have a bearing on our offer. Condition, the brand and model, the age, the materials, the finishes, etc can all affect price. Just because you don’t know anything about the tool, it’s broken, or incomplete doesn’t mean we won’t buy it. Contact us and let us give you a price.

Want to sell?

If you want to sell, contact us and we will ask you what you know about the tools, where you are located and if we can’t get to see them we can do it all over the internet.

Overseas Sellers?

Doesn’t matter where you are, we still will buy tools. We’ll need the same information as above to make an offer and then we can trade. We can also arrange shipping.