You may not be aware of what the Old Tool Shop does with your vintage tools, apart from just reselling them. However, some tools we receive are not resold. Some are donated to charity.

We support Fairhaven at Point Clare NSW.

Fairhaven is a ‘not for profit’ organisation who provide education options for children with intellectual disabilities. We donate all the following tools to Fairhaven:

  • tools we can’t sell
  • tools that do not warrant the cost of postage (which is how most of our buyers receive them)
  • tools that are outside our brief (i.e. not vintage, not high quality or are for trades other than those we currently cover)

These tools and often toolboxes are then put up for sale by Fairhaven in their Op Shop. Often they sell for just a few dollars or cents, but that adds up. And we deliver boxes full of tools every time we do a drop off.

Sometimes people donate tools to us. In doing so, you can sure that the tools will not be going to landfill. Instead, they will go to people who will put them to good use, people who can’t afford Bunnings prices and people who receive support from a valuable Central Coast charity.

It’s just all part of the Old Tool Shop mission.