Adjustable mouth coffin plane


Rare adjustable mouth coffin plane by unknown maker.  Quality plane with heavy and near parallel Marples iron. Broken right-hand cheek does not affect use.

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This is a rare adjustable mouth coffin plane.  Unfortunately, the markings are so feint it’s impossible to tell who made it.  Several good makers made these planes.  This has a very heavy Marples iron in it.  The plane weighs in at a nice 1.4kg.  The iron is tapered, but only slightly.  The right-hand cheek of the plane has blown out at some point (possibly from a knock or drop), but the iron still secures nicely.  If it hadn’t been for the blowout this would have been a $100 plane.

The mouth adjustment works well with the screw being comfortable to adjust.  The closing mouth section appears to be cast steel.  The adjustable mouth allows you to minimise tearout on difficult woods by the downward force applied in front of the iron’s cutting edge.

We believe the plane has been refinished at some point, but it’s very nicely done.  Smooth, not overly glossy.  We don’t know what it has been finished with, but it could be shellac as it’s such a nice, smooth and natural looking finish.

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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 27 × 12.5 × 14 cm

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