Buist sighting surveyor’s level


Buist sighting surveyor’s level. Made in Edinburgh, UK. 1859-1891. Vial in place. Crosshair sight clearly visible through level’s body.

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Great little Buist sight through body surveyor’s level. 8 1/4″ long. 1859-1891. Marked Buist Late Liddell Eddingburgh. Made in UK. Also has suspected owners initials nicely engraved at the other end – TWS. Vial is in place and clear. Cross hair sight is clearly visible through level, however it could be improved with cleaning the exterior of the sight glass. The brass to one side of the vial has a slight dent it it and there is a small gouge on the underside of what looks like the mahogany body (all visible in pictures). Great old instrument.

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