Carter Bronze Trammel Points


Carter heavy bronze trammel points.  Large and heavy at nearly 200g each. A rare find for a true Carter collector.

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Carter heavy bronze trammel points.  Marked ‘CT’ for Carter Tools.  These are a rare find for a true Carter collector.  Weighing in at a bit under 200g each these trammel points have some serious weight to them.  Ideal for a wooden beam of 1″ by 7/16″ (or 25mm x 11mm) or less.  Typical of tools of this age, one of the threaded trammel points has been slightly bent and doesn’t appear to be well aligned….until tightened into the hole where it appears to be perfect.  The other trammel point may well have been damaged previously and the plane section replaced with a replacement threaded section.  You gotta love the workmanship in these old tools.

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