Falcon Pope F4 1/2 Plane


Falcon F4 1/2 plane (similar to Stanley No. 4 1/2).  Made in Australia.  With original blade. Solid user

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Great condition Falcon F4 1/2 plane which is roughly the same as a Stanley No. 4 1/2 plane.  Made in Australia.  In amazing condition with original Falcon Pope 2 3/8″ blade. All the paint looks original. There are few signs of any real wear or tear. The previous owner has scratched their initials into one cheek, but this is pretty shallow and could easily be sanded out. Some of the chrome is starting to lift on the lever cap’s locking lever. Not particularly collectable planes, but we aren’t sure why. They are solidly built, great users and in this size and condition they are rare. Original finish on the handles had started to flake so we sealed what was still there with shellac so now it feels comfortable to use and bits aren’t flaking off. Mouth and blade in great condition.

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