Falcon Pope F5 1/2 Plane


Falcon F4 1/2 plane (similar to Stanley No. 4 1/2).  Made in Australia.  With Pope blade. Solid user

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Great condition Falcon F5 1/2 plane which is roughly the same as a Stanley No. 5 1/2 plane.  Made in Australia.  In amazing condition with nice Pope branded 2 3/8″ blade which appears to be a little thicker than a Stanley. Paint looks great and original. There are few signs of any real wear or tear. Rear handle may have been refinished, but they appear to have done it the way we would – a bit a bit of shellac over what was left of the original finish leaving it smooth and great looking. Some minor loss of the chrome in small patches on the levercap. Becoming quite collectable planes as Australians grab a piece of their history. Solidly built, great users and becoming rare in this size and condition. Mouth and blade in great condition.
There does seem to be some backlash issues in blade adjuster when withdrawing the blade which we haven’t gotten to the bottom of, but it doesn’t appear to be anything serious as it’s fine when advancing. Maybe a little lubrication is required.

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Dimensions 40 × 15 × 20 cm

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