James Swan Co vintage 10″ Drawknife


James Swan 10″ vintage drawknife. Polished blade underside. Handles in good order, a couple of blade nicks, otherwise sharp and ready to use

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James Swan Vintage 10″ vintage drawknife in great condition.  This drawknife has been well looked after and has a very clean and a polished underside.  The tool is marked The James Swan Co, Best Tool Steel and has a swan logo on it.  The number 10 is also stamped on the tool denoting its 10″ size.  It does have a couple of nicks in the edge which will need grinding out if you want this super sharp, but in general, this isn’t necessary for drawknives.  The polished underside with the smallest amount of pitting will certainly allow easy polishing to achieve the sharpest edge.  One handle has a minor shrinkage crack, but both handles are solid and secure.  Sharp and ready to use.

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