Johann Peter ARNS European style horned plane


Johann Peter ARNS European style horned plane. Iron looks hand forged and in great condition. Not beech, possibly hornbeam. Beautiful.

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Johann Peter ARNS European style smoothing plane with 50mm iron. Made in Germany. This iron looks like it was hand forged. The iron may look a little rough, but it’s in great condition where it counts. It’s not properly sharp, but still works well. The iron has a very slight camber on it leading us to believe it’s been used as a smoothing plane. The wood used to make this plane is interesting. It’s not beech. We aren’t sure what it is, but it could be hornbeam. Either way it’s beautiful. The horn is a little loose, but not about to come off. As usual there is a small crack where the wedge has been hit sideways. Arghhh, if I had a dollar….

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