Millers Falls No.85 rebate plane


Millers Falls No.85 rebate plane. Made in USA with matching MF blade. Complete with fence, depth stop and knicker. Great condition.

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A very tidy example of a Millers Falls No.85 rebate plane. Made in USA. Not very common in Australia, but Millers Falls has a strong following in the USA.  It comes complete with depth stop, fence, and knicker.  Millers Falls original blade which has plenty of life in it and is sharp.  The edge is in good condition, but has not been sharpened perfectly flat and has a little radius to the shape which probably isn’t ideal for this type of plane.  Not awful though so won’t take too much to get perfectly square.  The plane shows little to no signs of wear or corrosion, however there is quite a bit of paint loss around the handle. Sole is fine.  All thumbscrews and their threads appear original and in good condition.  Blade is sharp and planes nicely.

Bench ready providing that radiused edge doesn’t bother you.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 12 cm

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