Ohio Tool Co No.04 plane


For sale Ohio Tool Co No.04 plane. A plane from the very early 1900s. Still in great condition. Original thick iron. A couple of minor flaws.

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Ohio Tool Co No.04 plane. A great an uncommon plane to find in Australia. Amazingly thick tapered blade with the hexagonal hole and not too much life left in it. Blade has been reground to the required 20 degree bevel so it fits in the mouth. Rosewood woodware. Handle has been repaired, but it looks nice and its clean. Don’t believe the levercap screw is original because it doesn’t mate too well with the levercap and the levercap moves fractionally when the blade is retarded. Not sure whether the chipbreaker screw is original either. The blade would benefit from having its edge squared so the full lateral movement is achievable. Nice looking shelf queen, could be serious collector’s piece with a couple of minor parts and with a little attention could be an awesome user – that blade should be good at preventing chatter.

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