Patternmakers Router Plane with 7 cutters


Patternmakers router plane with a box of 7 cutters.  Cast base with heavy cutter clamp and cutter height adjustment. Lovely & unique tool.

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This is an awesome patternmakers router plane which comes with 7 cutters and a beautiful sliding lid box for them.  If you were thinking of buying a Stanley 71 then maybe have a look at this first. The base is large than a Stanley 71 – more akin with the large Preston router sizes.  The cast base is surprisingly flat, smooth and weighty at 1.2kg.  The brass cutter clamp is a beautiful engineering marvel.  Much heavier than a Stanley with a large, knurled thumbscrew.  The cutter post is of a similar design to the Stanley however there isn’t the clearance to take the Stanley cutters as these cutters are square sectioned and narrower than a Stanley.  Unknown manufacturer.  All Cutters need a minor sharpening or honing.  Cutters vary in length and condition.  Cutter are as follows:

  • V cutter width 3/8″ – long
  • Chisel cutter width 1/8″ – long
  • Chisel cutter width 5/32″ – short
  • Chisel cutter width 7/32″ – long and a little skewed
  • Chisel cutter width 9/32″ – short
  • Chisel cutter width 5/16″ – short
  • Chisel cutter width 15/32″ – long

The box also includes a 1/4″ wide granny’s tooth router blade. Not sure why, but we thought we’d include it.

Can only have been created and used by a true craftsman.  We wish we knew more about it.

What a delightful and unique tool.  Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy.

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 19 × 14 cm

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