Record No.04 Plane


Record 04 Plane.  Made in England.  Nicely restored with good original tungsten steel iron. Nice, set up to work. Bench-ready user.

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Get yourself a Record 04 plane and find out why many prefer them to Stanley. The Record planes are a good quality English plane and this older one comes with an original Record tungsten steel crucible cast iron. Iron looks a little ropey with pitting on the exposed surfaces, but is pit-free, polished and sharp under the cap-iron. Only weak point is that lots of the chrome is missing from the levercap. Lovely rosewood handles have been stripped of varnish and tung oil applied. Many prefer the feel of bare, oiled wood. Suspect the body has been repainted, but they’ve done a really nice job of it and the colour looks good. My suspicion of repainting comes from the fact that it looks too good.

This would make a great user for someone. Plane is set up and bench ready

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Dimensions 31 × 13 × 19 cm

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