Sargent 409 Type 2 plane


Sargent 409 Type 2 plane. Collectable plane in original condition with original blade. Rosewood handles. Japanning in good condition.

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Sargent 409 Type 2 plane (1891-1901). Very early Sargent plane in amazing original condition considering its age. Japanning is probably around 90% in tact. Rosewood horn of the handle is a little dog earred and there appears to be a few saw cuts in the handle. Correct oval logo on the blade with USA running through the middle of it. Blade doesn’t have a huge amount of life left in it. Cutting edge could do with squaring up so that lateral provides full range of movement. Highly collectable, and could be a user.

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Dimensions 43 × 12 × 20 cm

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