Stanley 51 and 52 shooting board and plane


Stanley 51 and 52 shooting (chute) board and plane. Complete and original with the parts that are so often missing. Suit serious collector

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Later model Stanley 51 and 52 shooting (chute) board and plane in excellent condition.  Includes the often missing hold down clamp and t-bar stop.  Japanning on the surface depressions is all in place.  We can find no faults with this set-up apart from a few spots of minor rust here and there.  The last of these rolled off the production line in 1943 and they were a premium product at the time so it’s not surprising that these are rare and collectable. What’s unusual is that they are also really useful for finer woodworking.

The 51 plane has a Made in USA Stanley iron.  The blade is of healthy length, but has been sharpened incorrectly as a smoothing iron. For this application a dead-straight cutting edge is required.  Other than that, this is perfect and will suit an avid collector or serious user.  If you want us to sharpen the blade, just add it to the notes at the point of sale.

Please note the cost of shipping on this item is higher than usual, because this will be shipped with a backing board to ensure it doesn’t break, insurance and will require a signature on arrival.  Local Pickup can be arranged which will obviously save you the postage costs.

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