Stanley 53 Spokeshave Plane


Stanley 53 spokeshave plane believed to be old Rule and Level model. Flat-soled, with adjustable mouth.  User, but not collectable condition.

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Although no markings are clearly discernable this is believed to be a Stanley 53 Rule and Level spokeshave plane.  It also has no discernable name on the blade.  If it is a Rule and Level No. 53 then it was made in USA under an 1858 patent.  Flat-soled with an adjustable mouth, adjusted by brass thumbscrew.  The back edge of the mouth is a little damaged – see photographs.  Iron has previously been hollow ground, but has since been hand sharpened.  Could still do with honing. Decent amount of life left in the blade.

Black finish may not be original, hence why we can’t read the name under the paint layer.

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