Stanley 71 Router plane


Stanley 71 router plane in original box. Made in England. Complete with instruction book, three cutters with the factory grind and fence.

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Stanley 71 router plane almost mint condition in original box. Made in England. Comes with original instruction book. Complete with three original cutters which appear to have most of the original factory grind on them. Please note I would suggest that they will need to be sharpened before using as the factory grind isn’t up to much.  One iron appears to have been used, but never sharpened.  Box label still has original price ticket showing it was bought from Paul’s for $25.50.  Box could do with a cleanup, but we aren’t familiar with cardboard restorations.  Fence has original screw and washer.  Nice example

Suit a collector or experienced user as the irons will take a little effort to sharpen.

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 16 cm

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