Stanley 78 rebate duplex plane – England – boxed


Stanley 78 rebate duplex plane (boxed). Made in England. As close to new as you can buy without moving into more expensive modern inferior tools

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We’ve sold plenty of Stanley 78 rebate duplex planes, but they don’t come around boxed too often and certainly not in this condition.  Nice example of a Stanley 78 with original Stanley iron also made in England. The tarnishing you see isn’t tarnishing. It’s an oil the previous owner put on the tool when he realised it was going to be stored for some time. It was stored for a long time and the oil has preserved everything perfectly. The paper you see is the original oil paper supplied with the plane. The box isn’t perfect, but it and the plane is about as close to it as you’ll find for this money without buying an inferior newer model.

Excellent user. Just clean that oil off, hone that iron and you are ready for the bench.

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Dimensions 35 × 25 × 12 cm

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