Stanley Bailey No.4 Type 10 Made in USA


Stanley Bailey No.4 Plane, Type 10. With original T type logo on the iron.  Repair to the handle is good, but not perfect – could be improved

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Stanley Bailey No.4 Plane, highly sought after Type 10 (1907-1909) Made in USA. Original Stanley iron has the T style Stanley logo with good life left in it. Sought after era of Stanley planes. Everything about this plane is inkeeping with the Type 10 era. Suspect the missing japanning from the body has been painted over some time ago. The rosewood knob and handle are in great condition except a break in the handle has been glued. It’s neat and appears solid, but doesn’t line up perfectly so the transition between the pieces can be felt. It’s not a bad repair and could be easily sanded out. There are also some small chunks missing from the horn of the handle. Low Knob looks great though. We haven’t really done much to it other than clean it up a bit. Nice plane for someone’s Type 10 collection or discerning user.

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