Stanley Bailey No.5 Sweetheart Plane Canada


Stanley Bailey No.5 Sweetheart Plane. Made in Canada. Stanley SW blade also Canada.  All original and in great condition.  Rosewood handles. 

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Stanley Bailey No.5 Sweetheart era plane made in Canada. Matching Stanley Sweetheart blade also made in Canada. All there and in great original condition.  Rosewood handles with a repaired clean break in the handle. Handle has only an oil finish while the front knob appears to be the original finish (shellac or lacquer). Japanning is original and is in good condition (maybe 90%). Blade has plenty of life left in it, but has been ground using an electric grinder (so is concave) and may need a small amount of work to get perfect.

Solid user plane or for collector of Canadian Stanley’s from a sought-after era. Almost bench ready. This is the size bench plane most woodworkers would choose if they could only have one bench plane.

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