Stanley Bailey Sweetheart No.7 Jointer Plane USA


Stanley Bailey No.7 jointer plane. Made in USA with Canadian Sweetheart blade.  Rosewood woodwork. 

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Nice Stanley Bailey No.7 jointer plane.  Made in the USA sole with Canadian Sweetheart Stanley blade (not original, but consistent with the age of the plane). Rosewood handles. A couple of marks on the woodwork and the handle has a couple of repairs. Most wouldn’t even notice the repairs as they have been nicely done. Blade stamped 337 and 22mm of blade below the cutout, which will give years of good service. The blade is in good condition and sharp (although we never guarantee it’ll meet everyone’s tastes). One cheek has been marked with the owner’s name. It’s a bit ugly, but does not affect use and is smoother to the touch than it looks. Japanning isn’t perfect, but it does appear to be original and not bad for being nearly 100 years old. Guessing maybe 90% present.

We believe this is an earlier model based on the frog and a few other telltale signs (guessing Type 15 around 1931-1932).

Nothing to do except use or put it on a shelf. You decide.

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