Stanley No.4 Plane – England – Boxed with No. 50 Honing Guide


Stanley No.4 Plane in original box. Made in England. With Stanley No. 50 Honing Guide & original instructions for maintenance and sharpening

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When we opened this boxed Stanley No.4 Plane we found a little present inside – a Stanley No.50 Honing Guide. We had planned to sell it separately until we read the leaflet that came with it. The leaflet talks about plane care and using the honing guide to maintain the blade. They were obviously sold as a set. So guess what, we’ll sell them as a set too.

Nice ‘Made in England’ Stanley No.4 in pretty close to original condition. Only real flaw is that the varnish is flaking from the top of the knob.
Still in its original box with the oil paper. The honing guide looks good too.

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