Swedish H Bevel Edge Chisel Set


Swedish H brand bevel edge chisel set. Seven chisels included. Great users. Like EA Bergs, but at a fraction of the cost. Restoration project.

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Swedish H branded bevel edge chisel set with 7 matching chisels.  Swedish steel is some of the best steel in the world particularly for fine paring and these chisels once restored should perform as well as any Berg or Toledo chisel.  Sizes 38mm, 32mm, 25mm, 16mm, 13mm, 8mm, 5mm.  The 16mm chisel was missing from the photographs, but is of similar quality except the logo has been obliterated.  Handles are in excellent condition with only 3 of the 7 showing any signs of being struck. No serious damage or wear anywhere except the 32mm chisel which has a nick out of the edge so will take a bit more grinding than the others.  We would have expected this to have been an 8 chisel set originally which means the 18/19mm chisel is missing.  These need to be restored, cleaned and sharpened.  Buy them now at a bargain price and restore them for a great user set.

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