Turner No.4 Plane – EA Berg iron


Original Turner EA Berg blade. Made in Australia.  Original red handles. Not a perfect example, but a solid user or restoration project for Turner enthusiast.

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Turner No.4 woodworking plane.  Made in Australia.  Original red permaloid handles. Rear tote has some marks on the handle, but is smooth to the touch. Has original Turner blade by E.A. Berg (also made in Australia). Has had a bit of a tough life with some pitting on the sole and some on the face of the blade. The blade face will need the pitting grinding out or a small bevel applying to the face of the blade (“ruler trick”) in the future, but is currently sharp. Someone spilt green paint over the tool at some point. Most has been removed, but there are some remnants in crevices. Black japanning is probably only about 80%. In this condition it’s no shelf queen, but would make an awesome user tool with the high quality Swedish Berg steel blade. Alternatively would suit a collector / restorer.

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