User made carpenter’s mallet – possibly lignum vitae and ebony


Heavy user-made carpenter’s mallet. Possibly ebony and the lignum vitae. 1.2Kg weight. Used condition with a few knocks and bashes.

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This user-made carpenter’s mallet is a heavy-weight mallet and the shaft is possibly ebony and the head possibly lignum vitae. Friction fit handle. Let’s just say this is a heavy old mallet. A beech carpenter’s mallet weighs around 500g. The handle is possibly 1 1/2″ longer than typical and the head is also a little larger, but the slight size increase doesn’t account for the 1.2Kg weight of this thing. Great tool, great timber. Used condition with a few knocks and bashes. The handle is very smooth and being dense hardwood it’s no thicker than a typical mallet handle. It’s not clear what holds it in place, it may just be a friction fit, but if so, it is a remarkably good fit. Solid and heavy weight user, which if it is ebony and lignum should last forever.

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Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions41 × 20 × 12 cm

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