Ibbotson vintage brass and hardwood mortice marking gauge


Vintage Ibbotson brass and hardwood mortice marking gauge. Has a few shortcomings as a user. Read carefully before purchasing.

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This vintage Ibbotson brass and hardwood mortice marking gauge looks better than it actually is.  The Ibbotson name is feintly apparent on the head, but the original screw for clamping the gauge is missing.  It came to us with this brass thumbscrew which looks great and appears in-keeping with the era, but it’s too short.  A small piece of a brass screw has been used to fill in the gap between it and the steel disc which contacts the stem.  The threads seem find so it works, but it’s not exactly a collectors model.  Additionally, the spurs are short, blunt and really need replacing.  There is a bit of wood loss from the head (see pictures).  The mortice width adjustment mechanism works just fine.   It’s a pretty tool, but it’s not currently very useable.  Would suit a restorer who has another one with missing parts.

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