WS No.A4 Plane


WS A4 Plane.  Made in Birmingham, England.  All original as far as we can tell.  Later became Woden. Great, heavy user.

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Get yourself a WS A4 plane and you won’t regret it. The WS planes are well kept secrets in the woodworking world. The Company operated between 1938-1952 and this is believed to be a later model. These planes don’t command a high price, they look a bit ugly but they are excellent tools. Well weighted, with their trademark brass lever caps, they will easily rival or surpass the performance of the Stanley bench planes. Use one of these and you’ll soon know the people who put these together had some great engineering skills. This one’s original blade does have some pitting which will have to be worked through as the blade wears. The ruler trick should resolve that though. Eventually became Woden before being bought out by Record. Made in Birmingham, England. 

A great user at a very reasonable price.

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Dimensions 34 × 14 × 19 cm

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