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Mixed set of 5 English firmer chisels. Sizes 1 7/16″, 1/2″, 3/8″, 7/16″ and 1/4″. By Marples, Ward & others. Good user set with original handles.

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Mixed set of 5 English firmer chisels. Although there is a large 1 7/16″ Ward & Payne chisel in there, apart from this, these chisels are generally quite small and for lighter work.

Sizes and brands are approximately:
1 7/16″ Ward & Payne
1/2″ F Woodcock
3/8″ Pibro
7/16″ Marples and Sons
1/4″ Marples and Sons

All chisels are in good order and after sharpening will make good users. The Ward & Payne has a very rough edge. It’s chipped, not square and has some rust along the edge on the underside, so will need a bit of work. The other chisels should sharpen up relatively easily. The bevels aren’t too bad and the edges are reasonably square, but all chisels will need some work before being bench ready. All handles are solid and original. Three have the remnants of a logo.

No sign of cracks or repairs in the handles. Generally, a nice user set for lighter firmer chisel tasks.

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