Henry Crookes & Co. 3/8″ Pig Sticker Mortice Chisel


Henry Crookes & Co. 3/8″ Pig Sticker Mortice Chisel and approx. 13″ long. Heavy duty user or collector in awesome condition.

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This Henry Crookes & Co. 3/8″ wide mortice chisel is a heavy duty ‘Pig Sticker’ mortice chisel. Made in Sheffield, UK. It weighs around 450g and the handle is just around 2″ wide at its thickest park. The blade is in incredible condition and is marked 1939, TIP, H. Crookes & Co. Sheffield and then has a crown on the steel and the initial A.M. The underside of the blade has a small uneven bevel (about 1/8″) which you might want to grind out. The original handle is fully intact and has never been struck with anything significant so is in excellent condition.

All-in-all a great example of a 3/8″ pig sticker chisel

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