Stanley Bailey No.4 1/2 Corrugated Plane Type 8


For sale Stanley Bailey No. 4 1/2 corrugated Type 8 plane.  Made in USA.  Almost grade A collector’s quality apart from re-japanning and repaired handle.

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Good honest Stanley Bailey No. 4 1/2 Plane Type 8 dated 1899-1902 with corrugated sole. Made in USA.  All the Type 8 typical signs are there (B’ foundry mark behind frog, One patent date: 7-24-88 on lateral, parallel cylinder brass nuts, etc).

This plane has been restored by the previous owner with replacement japanning. The japanning looks fine – just not original and we are not sure what coating was used. The handle has been broken and previously repaired and although the joint appears sound, the alignment isn’t perfect so you can feel the join ever so slightly. The knob is sound. The blade is sharp, ready to work and has a good amount of life left in it.

Probably not currently up to grade A collector’s standard due to cracked handle and re-japanning, but otherwise could be.

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Dimensions 34 × 14 × 19 cm

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