Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2 Type 13


Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2 plane type 13 (USA). With original Sweetheart blade plus spare. Collector or discerning user. Almost bench ready.

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Stanley Bailey No. 5 1/2 sweetheart era plane. Made in USA. Single APR 19-10 patent number behind the frog dates it at 1925-1928. Good condition with Stanley Sweetheart blade also made in the USA and stamped 238.

2 1/4″ Sweetheart blade unfortunately has virtually no life left in it (10mm from current edge to cut-out) so we haven’t attempted to sharpen it (although it’s in good enough condition to easily do so. I will be supplying a Stanley ‘Made in Australia’ blade that fits for those who want to use the plane and still retain the Sweetheart blade for posterity or resale. The Australian blade is square and sharp but has a couple of shallow corrosion spots which will need to be ground back for optimum blade performance (less than 1mm).

Plane body appears to be original with probably only 60% of the japanning intact. Rosewood knob and tote in good condition with no signs of any repairs. Highly collectable type in a less common size. type Suit collector or user. 

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