Stanley Bedrock 604 1/2 Plane


Stanley Bedrock 604 1/2 smooth soled plane. Type 6. 2 patent dates, made in USA and original iron. No repairs. In great condition and bench ready. 

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Awesome Stanley Bedrock 604 1/2 smooth soled plane.  Made in USA. Bedrocks are uncommon in Australia, but the 604 1/2 (equivalent to a Stanley 4 1/2 size) is quite difficult to find. Type 6 era which is 1912-1921. As the SW logo wasn’t used until the latter part of this period we can safely say this is 1920-1921 Bedrock. Two patent dates on the sole and 1″ depth adjuster. Appears to be all there and in great condition.  No problems with the mouth or the iron.  Iron has a very healthy length. The levercap has some staining (micro-pitting) from previous rust which we haven’t tried to polish out. Rosewood is all intact with no evidence of any repair and the original Stanley logo mostly intact on the handle. The front knob has a couple of hairline cracks below the wasted section, but it appears solid, and the cracks do not extend beyond the wasted section. Appears to be original and is bench ready.

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Dimensions 35 × 16 × 18 cm

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