30″ Stanley No.30 Sweetheart spirit level


30″ Stanley No.30 Sweetheart spirit level. Made in USA. Incredible collector’s condition complete with 3 vials and original Sweetheart logo

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Crazy good condition 30″ Stanley No.30 Sweetheart spirit level.  Made in USA.  1.5 Kg

This has to be seen and held to believed. Original Sweetheart logo almost entirely intact.  All the edges are sharp and square.  The wood is in great condition without twists or bows.  All three adjustable vials are intact and glass is clear. We haven’t polished the brass or cleaned the timber.  This would be left to the collector, because only a collector is going to want this.

Found the level in the 1926 Stanley catalogue where it’s the largest they make and is described as hardwood, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is mahogany.

There are a couple of nicks here and there all of which have been photographed. One heavy scratch on one of the brass vial holders.  To be honest these nicks are the only reminders that this tool hasn’t just been purchased new from a hardware store.  And when you consider this tool has to be somewhere between 89 and 105 years old as it’s a Sweetheart. Amazing!

Once in a lifetime collectable.

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