Accurate Brass Level 10 3/8″


10 3/8″ Brass Level possibly user made.  Blue coloured vial with large bubble.  It has its own tin box.  Great tool possibly for machinist.

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This 10 3/8″ long all brass level is likely to be user made.  That said, it’s beautiful.  The blue colour of the vial is almost hypnotic.  It’s still crystal clear.  The bubble seems to be sized to entirely sit within one of the three windows which makes us wonder if it was used for obtaining a specific gradient (looks to be about 0.5% positive or negative gradients in the extreme windows and level in the centre).  It’s heavy at nearly 400g.  It has its own tin box (whose soldered joints have failed in three places).  One of the end caps was loose enough for us to remove and show the insides, where again it looks clean and well made.  Not sure of its exact purpose, but it’s a great tool and would be usable in many situations. Maybe a vintage machinist’s level.

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