Chance Son & Co coffin plane


Chance Son & Co coffin plane. 2 1/8″ Ward and Payne tapered iron. As often the case, repaired wedge retainer on left cheek. Bench ready.

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This Chance Son & Co 7 1/2″ long coffin plane is an unusual brand to find. With a Ward and Payne iron a little over 2 1/8″ wide, it’s also an unusual size. Nice heavy chipbreaker marked Warranted Steel with brass retained nut. Believed to date from around 1850.

As often the case, there was a split in the wedge retainer on one cheek of the body – the left-hand side. We glued, clamped and leveled it, and it appears to be holding nicely (hence the slightly lightened appearance). The brand name can be made out stamped into the front of the body (underneath the indentations). In generally good condition. We don’t generally flatten soles although on this plane there is a minor wear patch through the middle of the sole (less than 0.005″ or 0.13mm at its worst). You wouldn’t notice it without close inspection. Wedge fits very nicely.

The tapered iron is in great condition with plenty of life left in it. It’s been ground with a radius – not heavy enough for scrubbing, but a too heavy for smoothing. Otherwise, it’s in great shape, it is sharp and could be used on receipt.

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