English Gouge Chisel Set


Mixed set of 6 English gouge chisels. Sizes 1″, 5/8″, 2 x 1/2″ and 2 x 3/8″. By Stormont, Marples, Hildick & others. User set.

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Mixed set of 6 English gouge chisels (7 pictured, but one subsequently removed). Mixture of incannel and outcannel gouges in a range of sizes from a variety of English makers.

Sizes and brands are approximately as follows with the order being as per the main picture left to right:
1″ wide with outcannel by Hildick
5/8″ wide with outcannel by Marples
1/2″ wide with outcannel by Woodcock
1/2″ wide with incannel by Stormont
3/8″ wide with incannel by Stormont
3/8″ wide with outcannel by Bishop (replacement handle from a Turner screwdriver – see photographs)
3/8″ wide with outcannel by A Hildick (chunk missing from handle and tang isn’t straight in handle – see photographs)

All chisels are in good order and after sharpening will make good users. All of the edges are in reasonable condition so won’t take any massive work to hone up. We removed the Bishop after realising it was the same size as the others and hasn’t been sharpened with a good profile. However, if you would like the Bishop over the chipped handled Hildick, just shout out at the time of purchasing.
All handles (except where otherwise stated) are solid and believed to be original. The two Stormonts and the Woodcock have their logos mostly intact.

Basic user set.

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