Genuine Perfect Screwdriver Made in USA


H.D. Smith Perfect 11 1/2″ slotted screwdriver. Dated between 1900 and 1930 this screwdriver is in awesome condition.

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Genuine H.D. Smith Perfect 11 1/2″ Screwdriver. This manufacturer coined the phrase ‘Perfect’ and put it on his screwdrivers and many other drop-forged tools after registering the patent in 1900. Perfect handled tools were made by H.D. Smith until 1930.

That name is now synonymous with any timber scaled metal riveted handled tool. However H.D. Smith were the first to make these from a patented design that so many later copied. Holding this screwdriver, you can see why.

The slotted point of the screwdriver has some rounding to it which could be improved. This is a quality product which has withstood time and still has the branding visible on the shaft of the screwdriver.

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