John S. Fray Co. No. 108 Spofford brace


Fray Spofford No.108 brace. Basic vintage brace made after 1880. Previous owner painted black. With an 8″ sweep. Made in USA. Strictly collectors

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When John S. Fray Co created this Spofford style brace they patented the method of clamping two halves of the wooden handle together with pewter bands. That patent date was 1880, but when this was made is unknown. Stanley bought up he Company in 1909 so this would predate any rebranding. Any markings left are likely to be under the black paint which we haven’t tried to remove. Although the black paint isn’t original it may well have helped this tool survive with little corrosion. Typically, cocobolo or rosewood was used for the bun material. With an 8″ sweep this tool still has the basic clamping mechanism of the earlier Spoffords. Made in USA. Strictly collectors.

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