Keesteel fluted washboard hatchet axe


Keesteel fluted washboard hatchet axe. Just over 1kg and 38cm long. All original except previous owner polyurethane coated and additional wedge

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Keesteel fluted washboard hatchet axe. Weighs in at just over a kilogram so we assume the head must be over 0.8kg. 38cm long. We believe it to be all original and in super condition. A few minor dings in the back, poll or butt. The axe appears to have been polyurethane coated. The head fixing appears to be solid with a full-width metal wedge which may have been driven alongside the original wedge as the timber shrank. Apart from that and the polyurethane finish, we believe this to be as original as possible.

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Weight1,3 kg
Dimensions48 × 10 × 9 cm

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