Mathieson coffin plane


Mathieson coffin plane. 2 1/4″ Alex Mathieson and Son tapered iron. As often the case, split in the one cheek.

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These Mathieson coffin plane’s are pretty common. 2 1/4″ Alex Mathieson and Son tapered iron and matching chipbreaker.

As often the case, there is a split in the one cheek of the body – the right hand side, but this doesn’t affect operation. The Mathieson name can be made out stamped into the front of the body. Wood could do with refinishing, but sole is nice.

The iron is in great condition with plenty of life left in it. It’s been hollow ground, but not done badly at all. The iron isn’t perfect but it is sharp and it will be easy to get this plane back to the bench.

Great price for the iron and chipbreaker alone.

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