Rayzee Plane ~17″


Wooden Rayzee style plane almost 17″ long.  Replacement sole, throat and repaired handle. Plane is nearly bench ready, but needs some tuning.

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Wooden Rayzee style plane almost 17″ long.  Extensively repaired over the years with what we think is a mahogany replacement sole which is secured with square cross dowels.  More recently we repaired the front of the throat with Queensland Iron Bark and secured the otherwise loose fitting handle with a contrasting lighter hardwood. The less critical rear of the throat also shows some signs of minor damage.

Not entirely sure what the blade brand is, but from what we can make out it is likely to be an F.G. Pearson Acute of Sheffield. Blade is 2 1/16″ wide.

There is a split in both sides of the plane body where the wedge is retained, but it may have been there a hundred years!

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Weight2.5 kg
Dimensions52 × 14 × 19 cm

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