Record No.04 Plane


Record 04 Plane.  Made in England.  All original with good original iron. Great, and fully set up to work. Great bench-ready user.

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Get yourself a Record 04 plane and find out why many prefer them to Stanley. The Record planes are a good quality British plane and this older one comes with a healthy original Record Tungsten Vanadium steel iron. Suspected beech handle and knob, but could be something more exotic. It’s hard to tell as there is a fair amount of the original lacquer on the handle even though it is chipped. The knob look more like beech. We’ve left the wood as it is except a coating of shellac, to keep the bare wood protected and relatively smooth to the touch. Blade is in great condition and the plane is set up to be bench ready.  

A great user.

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Dimensions34 × 14 × 19 cm

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