Sargent 415 Plane (Stanley 5 1/2 size)


Sargent 415 Plane (similar to Stanley 5 1/2). Type 2 1902-1909. Made in USA. Original Sargent iron. Lateral adjuster replaced. Bench ready.

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This Sargent 415 Plane is a similar size to a Stanley 5 1/2. Made in USA. Original Sargent iron is 2 1/4″ wide while the body is 2 5/8″ wide and 15″ long. Believed to be a Type 2 plane (1902 to 1909) with a replacement lateral adjuster off a newer Sargent plane. The low front knob and handle are believed to be East Indian Mahogany from this era, but look like rosewood. The woodware is good with no splits or any obvious repairs. The original finish wasn’t completely gone so we smoothed and applied shellac. A small chunk missing from of the front left side of the sole’s casting. Levercap marked 415 on the underside. Original iron has some pitting so will occasionally need the ruler trick (lift the top of the iron a touch during sharpening).

Not perfect, but old, a nice size and almost bench ready (blade is sharp, but could be sharper).

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