Sargent 5307 knuckle capped block plane


Sargent 5307 knuckle capped, adjustable mouthed block plane in as new condition.

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Sargent 5307 knuckle capped block plane in amazing condition. Adjustable mouth. There seems to be little to document the Sargent plane types, but the plane appears to be a later model. That said, the company ceased production in 1965, so it has to be prior to that. The plane is in as new condition. The original blade is marked SARGENT No 5307 New Haven CT U.S.A. The blade appears to have the original factory grind on all surfaces (see picture of edge).

A rare tool to find in Australia and even rare to find anywhere in the world in this condition. Ideally suit Sargent collector or new plane buyer.

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