Small brass user-made router


Small brass user-made router.  Narrow cutter (5/32″ wide) will need lots of attention. Restoration project for competent restorer

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This small brass router is a user-made tool.  The narrow cutter (5/32″ wide or less than 4mm) has suffered from quite serious rust and will need a lot of work to get sharp.  One of the wooden handles has a couple of splits in its lower section.  The brass is just short of 1/4 inches thick, the wood is a beautiful rich hardwood, possibly rosewood.  The collar would stop a tank and holds the cutter securely even if the butterfly winged collar screw looks like it was forged from bubblegum.  It’s all rather crude and in need of restoration.  We could call it a pattern-makers plane, but that’s probably over egging it.  We love it.  It would suit competent tool restorer.

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