Spear and Jackson 10″ Leapfrog Tenon Saw


For sale Spear and Jackson Leapfrog 10″ steel backed tenon saw. 13tpi, but needs sharpening. User added securing screw through handle and back.

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Spear and Jackson Leapfrog 10″ tenon saw. Warranted Sheffield Cast Steel. Good saw in good condition. Steel backed with a straight plate and back. Evidence of etch still in place. Filed rip at 13tpi, but is blunt. Saw teeth are at regular intervals though, so should make sharpening easy. Original No break handle with branding still in place, but user added brass screw looks like it has been drilled through the steel back. Sharpened up it would make a fine saw. Handle appears to have been polyurethane varnished.

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Dimensions42 × 7 × 19 cm

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