Stanley No. 10 1/2 Carriage Rebate Plane


Stanley No. 10 1/2 Carriage Rebate Plane. Made in the USA. Nice example except for a couple of flaws. Incorrect iron levercap and iron from England

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The Stanley No. 10 1/2 Carriage Rebate Plane is not an easy plane to come by. Made in the USA.

This is a really nice example except for a couple of flaws that let it down. Firstly, the iron. It’s Stanley and a good length, but its English. It should have been a USA made Sweetheart era iron. Secondly the chrome on the lever cap is poor. It looks like it’s sprayed with metal flake and is not the original levercap. We suspect it’s a more recent levercap taken from a No.3 plane.

The Rosewood handle and knob look original and are in excellent order. The rear handle appears to have been stripped and refinished in a tung oil which shows a beautiful grain. There isn’t a whole lot of japanning left, probably under 30%. But the finish is original without repair.

With the correct blade and levercap this seldom seen Stanley No. 10 1/2 carriage rebate plane would have been a serious collector’s piece. As it is, it’s a great donor for someone with the correct parts or a fine user.

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