Stanley 50 Light Combination Plane


Early Stanley 50 Light Combination Plane in original box. Made in USA. 100% complete and in unused condition. Surely one for the collector’s.

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Wow, early Stanley No. 50 Light Combination Plane approximately 1914 – 1942 and in original box.  Made in USA.  By 1947 these planes had rosewood handles.

This is in exceptional condition for its age.  It almost looks like new.  The cutters are also in excellent condition including the box.  Only the knickers being on the body and skate provide any evidence that this plane was ever used.  Most (if not all) of the cutters appear to have their original factory grind on them.

100% complete with instructions, nicely labelled cutter box and little envelope containing deflector and adjusting screw. In this condition its surely a collector’s item as well as a useful .

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